How does it differ from a traditional practice?

In a traditional Internal Medicine practice doctors may be responsible for 2500 to 4000 patients. At CCME, our doctors will have a limited patient panel. This improves your access to the doctor. Appointments can be scheduled same day or next day. Appointment times are longer so that medical issues can be addressed more thoroughly and ALL your questions can be answered. Additional services are explained throughout the website.

What if I need care after hours?

A CCME doctor is available 24/7 should problems arise outside of usual business hours.Should immediate attention be required, your doctor will arrange and coordinate the appropriate evaluation.

What if I need hospital services?

Should hospitalization be necessary, your personal physician will be responsible for coordinating all care necessary during your stay. When specialty consultation is needed, we have access to the best sub-specialists in the area.

Does the practice provide preventive medical services?

Preventing disease is an important part of any wellness plan. Our doctors can discuss, and help you implement, healthy lifestyle changes that may reduce your risk for certain diseases. Screening tests to detect disease at very early stages are another aspect of any wellness plan. We will help you understand which tests are appropriate for you.

What if I need to see a specialist?

Due to the complexities of today’s medical care, we may recommend specialty assistance to manage your healthcare. We will direct you to the best specialists in our area and assist with out-of-town referrals if necessary. Our office will facilitate the scheduling of these appointments.

Will my dependents be covered?

We will provide care for young adults aged 18-22 at no charge if their parent is a member.

Is the fee covered by my insurance?

Medicare and other private insurances do not cover the annual fee. It is necessary, however, to maintain health insurance in order to cover the costs of specialty care, hospitalization, laboratory tests and radiology studies.

Can I use my Healthcare Flexible Spending Account to cover the fee?

Please check with your carrier. Some Flex Accounts will allow you to use those pre-tax dollars to cover the annual fee.

I’d like to meet with the doctor to discuss whether this practice is right for me. Is that possible?

Yes. You can schedule a complimentary meeting with one of our physicians to discuss the benefits of our concierge medical practice. Contact us to set up an appointment >